Sense of Quality

Our products and services are manufactured by our specialists using new technologies to enhance

the quality, appearance and effectiveness of outdoor messages. Our quality control team supervises

very carefully all processes from the design of a project to the selection of materials, from production

to installation. Our quality criteria are constantly being refreshed in line with the latest materials and

technology in accordance with today's needs.

It is our company’s mission to develop the mechatronic media platforms to reach the consumer

dynamically in our R & D center at the University Technopark and thus, create modern and

innovative solutions for the sign industry which affects and attracts customers at a higher level.

Our value-oriented philosophy that is blended with a perfectionist approach since the day we were

established, is based on giving equal service to all our customers, regardless of the size of their


ERTUG SIGN, whose main goal is 100 % customer satisfaction, was the first registered member of

United States Sign Council from Turkey.

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